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What truly makes us unique is our people: our residents, their families and our staff. Below are written accounts from some of our own who help to make Dixon a wonderful place to live.

“I have been a resident and Dixon Rehabilitation & Health Care Center for seven years. The nursing staff is always nice and attentive to my needs. My primary physician also comes to the facility to see me, but when I do have appointments they provide transportation for me and get me there in a timely manner. My family likes that I live close to them. This is more than just a nursing facility to me; it’s my home.”
Dorene J., Resident

“I came to Dixon Rehabilitation & Health Care Center in November 2012, for short- term Rehab. Everyone here at Dixon Rehabilitation & Health Care has been great in helping me with my road to recovery. The therapy services that I have received here have been wonderful experience; they kept me busy throughout the day. They were able to schedule times around my schedule. This is a nice clean place with friendly pleasant people with a hometown feel. They have been very accommodating to my needs during my stay. I was very glad that I chose Dixon Rehabilitation & Health Care Center.”
Raymond S., Resident

“I would suggest Dixon Rehabilitation & Health Care Center to anyone needing short term rehab. My wife and I were very impressed with the care that I was given during my stay. All the staff was very polite and encouraging while helping with my road to recovery. I was admitted in February 2013 after a brief hospital stay due to a fall at home, and my goal was to return to home within one month. I was discharged to home in early March. Hearing from my physician that I needed nursing home placement for short term rehab was the hardest thing to hear, but choosing Dixon Rehabilitation & Health Care Center was the most rewarding decision, and I’m so glad that I came.”
Richard C., Resident

“My wife is at Dixon Rehabilitation & Health Care Center, and is a resident on their Courtyard Unit. I live close to the facility and I come in every day to eat and assist my wife at lunch. The staff on the Courtyard Unit have been wonderful with assisting her with her every day needs. I am very pleased that we chose this facility for long term placement.”
Paul Z., Family of resident

“After having surgery and two hospitalizations I found myself seeking therapy in a rehabilitation facility. My family and I chose Dixon Rehabilitation & Health Care Center. We placed my husband here in December 2012 on the Courtyard Unit. The Staff on the Courtyard are amazing and pleasant. I came to the facility in February 2013. All the staff has been wonderful, and I was able to create my own schedule. My goal was to return home and continue to inspire others. I will be returning home in March, 2013.”
Eunice K., Former resident

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